Friday, September 12, 2008


I always regret what I write on this blog, to some degree. It's a lot easier to just not say anything, or stay so neutral that no one can criticize me or my family. Maybe this is stupid, but maybe there's some truth as well.

I've been thinking about the post I wrote regarding abortion and children with special needs. This is an important topic, but one in which I don't have first-hand experience. It's like before I had kids I had all these theories about how to raise them, how to deal with problem behavior, and how I was going to be as a parent. Then I actually became a parent and those theories went out the window because it was harder than I originally thought.

By the grace of God I have never been put into the situation of considering abortion. Nor have I been in the situation of parenting a child with special needs. So my previous post regarding such situations is just theory. I do believe that if abortion were made illegal, if Rowe v. Wade were overturned, and if certain politicians were in power in the U.S., abortion would be less accessible and millions of lives would be saved. Abortion is so rampant in our country (and worldwide) because it is so accessible, and sadly, so profitable for many people. So, I stand by my previous post, but with the understanding that our God is forgiving. None of this in our world is a surprise to God, and He can changes things intended for bad into good (Genesis 50:20). So if you read that post and you've had an abortion, or know someone who has, know that Jesus loves you, Jesus died for your sins and he can forgive you. My intent was not judgement, but awareness about how this election is a chance to change. My heart deeply mourns for anyone who has had to face the option of abortion, it's not a situation I would wish upon anyone. I apologize if the previous post came off judgemental "holier than thou"-ish. Maybe you already know this, but my "post regret" was kicking in and I felt the need to clarify.

Thanks readers, whoever you may be.

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