Monday, September 08, 2008

We do stuff so we can blog about it!

Not really, but it's fun to have things to write about!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we got to march in the Mukilteo Lighthouse Parade because Caley was a Cutie Pie Finalist. She didn't win (sad) but it was still tons of fun in the parade and this past month with her picture in the newspaper and other places. Caley was very good at waving to everyone in the parade and so was Amelia! The winner was #6, who's grandpa works at Seattle Genetics with Bill. Such a small world!

Sunday morning I got up bright and early and ran the Iron Girl 10K at Greenlake! It was a great run, over 2,000 women ran and walked the 5k and 10k. It was also harder than I thought it'd be because I ran for a bit with my friend Cienna who's pace is a little faster than mine. I sort of lost steam at the end. But the important part is that I finished! My final time was 1:01:26, about a minute slower than my Run-A-Muk time.

Throughout the weekend we also did more touch-up painting on the house and Bill put up some shutters. It looks awesome!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!Good job on the run!!

The Grants said...

Way to go on the 10k! Very impressive. Your picture of Caley here is so cute! Definitely one of the biggest "cutie pies" ever. :)